Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer is the Councilman for the Baltimore City Council 5th District seat, representing your interests as we seek solutions to restore Baltimore City to greatness.

He is a small business owner who understands that we need better, quality jobs and lower property taxes to retain residents and attract professionals to relocate to Baltimore City.

He has long been an activist and leader in northwest Baltimore City, working hard to better all neighborhoods. A vice president of a neighborhood association and liaison to the State’s Attorney’s office, he travels throughout the council district to attend different community meetings to learn about and address neighborhood issues like recreation activities and parks, safer streets, and good paying jobs.

As a husband and father, Isaac believes Baltimore City must be an attractive place to raise families. And as a past Board member of a local senior center, he has seen first-hand how the elderly face great challenges, and he is working to help them afford the care and have access to resources they need. He sits on other non-profit boards and is involved in a myriad of community activities that has enabled him to play an integral role in bringing the community’s priorities to fruition that has have a direct impact on building a better Baltimore. Isaac is a graduate of the University of Baltimore Merrick School for Business. He is married to Lauren Schuster and is the proud father of Maxi & Bobbi Bella