Meet Yitzy

Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer is the Councilman for the 5th District of Baltimore City. Councilman Schleifer is a lifelong resident of the 5th District and has been serving on the Baltimore City Council since 2016.

Councilman Schleifer is the Chair of the Rules and Legislative Oversight Committee and serves on both the Health, Environment, and Technology Committee and the Ways and Means Committee.

In his short time on the Council, Yitzy has introduced and passed several pieces of impactful legislation, including the Charter Amendment – Supplementary Criminal Apprehension and Conviction Fund will increase rewards for information in every shooting and homicide in Baltimore City. This reward fund will lead to more solved cases and more violent criminals apprehended from the streets. He also passed nationally recognized legislation to prevent street racing from the streets of Baltimore City.

Public safety is Councilman Schleifer’s #1 priority and always will be. Yitzy is a strong proponent of “getting back to basics” and believes all taxpayers are entitled to reliable city services. He fights daily to get his constituents and the residents of Baltimore City the services they deserve. Yitzy is an entrepreneur who understands that we need more quality jobs and lower taxes to retain residents and attract professionals to relocate to Baltimore City.

Yitzy is a graduate of the University of Baltimore Merrick School for Business. He is married to Lauren Schuster and is the proud father of Maxi, Bobbi Bella and Frank.